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   Please forgive the extra length of this first edition as I introduce myself to those that may not know me. I know that your time is precious, but I think it's important to know who you are buying your Internet products and services from.  I am Sharon Houghton, the founder of SharAmbrosia and it's various subsidiaries, including Organic Web Care. By trade, I am a licensed esthetician, and have been giving facial and spa treatments for over 25 years. Along the way I have gained a lot of  marketing and advertising experience. Something happened about 5 years ago that changed my life and brought a new and invigorated passion to my life.

   For me, the beginning was 'all-natural beauty care'. I was creating the most gorgeous all-natural products and wanted to know more about this fascinating topic. This is a whole other story that can be found at the allnaturalbeauty.us web site. The story that I want to share here with you is how I turned to the Internet for information, but instead what I found was... endless possibilities.

   At that time, I had almost zero Internet experience (couldn't even send an e-mail). Here we are, 5 years later, and I am designing and running 9 web sites, including BeautyBizDomains, a site geared towards beauty professionals' Internet needs, the 'all natural health' website, and several other beauty-related sites. Some sites require more effort than others, but it is all rewarding work that I am doing because it is in my 'field of passion' (I can't stress how important this concept is for those getting into Internet businesses!) Through my passion for beauty care and all natural health, I was able to learn about a vehicle (the computer/Internet) that could take what I have to offer into the homes and businesses of millions. I am now enjoying a positive affect that is changing lives. I am connected to interesting people from all over the world. And I've learned more about my favorite subjects than I could have ever imagined! Oh, and money seems to be coming in with more regularity. Why? I believe that it has to do with a willing spirit , a good reputation, and acquired knowledge. I believe strongly in taking good care of our customers, and watching them become empowered, just as I have been!

   Each site that I run has a domain name that has been registered and is continually renewed. Each website also has many other domains that are continuously guiding visitors to it. Advertising is an expected cost in any business. I've found that well-chosen domain names are an exceptional way to advertise. As time goes on, having good domains pay off even more as they increase in value and hopefully become what are known as 'Premium' Domains. These are great generic terms that people type in hoping to get what they are looking for.

   For the first couple of years I registered my domain names with a couple of different well-known companies. I thought that the higher the price was, perhaps the better the service too. That was definitely not the case! I had acquired enough info and interest in this growing domain and Internet field that in 2004, my company began selling Internet products and services, and it's been a joy and a pleasure to serve our customers' needs ever since. I am so passionate about helping others succeed in this growing phenomenon known as the Internet. There is enough room for everyone to prosper. All that's needed is to hone in on your passion, have a good plan of action, the right Internet tools, and a desire to work at it.

   The Internet can be your vehicle for successfully advertising your brick & mortar business, or a completely online business, that can be run from anywhere in the world and at your leisure. No one is suggesting here that you won't have to work to build your business. But I am saying that if you want to get up later, work at odd hours, take a day or two off when you want... the Internet can be your best friend!

    What I want to do in these E-Tips is to teach you how to realize your dream working situation. If it's working as a plumber and you're looking for new customers on-line (and believe me, this is where they're looking for you!), you'll want to focus on having your own website, making it consumer friendly, and getting it to the top of the search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc..) so your customers can find you.

   If you're looking to conveniently take orders from your on-line store without even having to ship or store them, think seriously about drop-shipping. Whatever type of business you have, you'll want to learn the tips to get and keep your site(s) at the top of the search engines. This is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and learning how to do it is an integral part of your plan for success.

   Through our series of E-Tips we will continue to give you the help that we think will keep you on the road to a successful online or offline business. More people are getting online every day, and the numbers will only continue to rise. Learn all that you can now to get ahead of your competition. A great place to start is our Frequently Asked Questions. Learning the tricks of the Internet will take you straight to the top. When I started, I began with a simple no-nonsense software like Website Tonight and moved on to Microsoft Front Page for designing my web pages. Whatever software you use, or level of competence you are at, we have what you need. I'm thrilled to be able to share all that I've learned with you. Again, sorry for the length, I will keep future mailings to a minimum as to not overwhelm you. Thanks for listening!  

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 Tip of the Day

What is... Forwarding & Masking?

The short answer: Forwarding is adding a forward address to a domain name. To Forward and Mask means that once the visitor is taken to the forwarded address, the domain appears in the address bar.

The medium answer: What is Forwarding and Masking? These terms have to do with sending the visitor that typed in one domain name, to another domain's website. To do this, once you have registered your domain names, go to your own account area and click on 'Manage Domain Forwarding'. Choose the domains individually or in bulk to either 'Forward' or 'Forward and Mask'. After you have set up 'where' the domains should be forwarded, your visitors will automatically be directed to the address that you have added. Example: Say your website is BambooCiyDesign.com, you could forward all of your other domain names to that address. Masking means that the address that you typed in, let's say BambooCity.com, will remain in the address bar after you get to the BambooCityDesign.com site. If you want your visitor to see BambooCityDesign.com instead of the name they typed, do not mask, just forward.

The long answer:
   These are important terms to understand when it comes to using your domains effectively. In fact, this is how you keep your domains (investments) working for you daily. Let's say for example, you run an interior design store, where you sell both your design services as well as a few select pieces of Bamboo furniture and Asian artwork by a little-known artist name Siam Salla (who you know will be sought after some day). The name of your business is Bamboo City Design, Inc. 

   First of all, if you intend on protecting your business presence online you MUST (in my opinion) buy the name of your business with a .com. You can create the website later, just buy your domain NOW. Whew, it was still available, good start. So now you own BambooCityDesign.com. To cover all bases, you may want to protect it further with BambooCityDesignInc.com. Can it be shortened for your visitor to use fewer keystrokes or make it easier to remember? See if BambooDesign.com is available too, or even BambooCity.com. When your company is big and successful, there will be some that want to take advantage of your success by finding domains that your visitors might try to reach your site. So be smart and buy them now while they're available. Another way to protect your business is to purchase the .net extension and others like .us, .info, and .biz.

   Once you have your website, the next step will be to find more names that will direct your online visitors to your store. Find the best domains available that sum up your business, it's services, and it's products in as few words as possible. Good ones for you might be BambooFurniture.com, AsianInteriorDesigns.com, UniqueFurniture.com, AsianArtwork.com, SiamSellaPaintings.com, BambooStyle.com, etc... Now visit the 'medium' answer to conclude the 'long answer.



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