Attention Those that love All-Natural Beauty Products:

We are in the midst of a battle between keeping the selection of all-natural beauty products that we are currently enjoying, or losing many of them... with the stroke of a pen.

The FDA Globalization Act of 2008 will be decided upon by law makers this Tuesday, August 5th.

This act will create huge monetary burdens and countless hours of extra paperwork for small business owners. Many small business will be forced out of business entirely.

We believe this to be unfair, and completely wrong, especially in our current economy.

How will this affect you? Many of the products that you have enjoyed purchasing from those on this site and others will be gone forever. You will be forced to buy from large corporations that can afford these new conditions, and who, historically, care more about the bottom line... than creating a truly natural product for you.

What can you do? Get in contact with your state representative immediately and tell them that this act cannot and should not be passed. It is unfair to small businesses, and we all will be affected. Let everyone you know understand what's going on and ask them to get in contact their representative. The following is a list of the state representatives that will be voting on this matter. If your representative is on this list, it is imperative that you write to them, call their office, and/or make an appointment to go talk to them in person.

Please don't delay... The deadline is this Tuesday (August 6)!


Full Committee list for FDA Globalization Act of 2008:

John D. Dingell (MI), Chairman

Ratio: 31-26

Henry A. Waxman, CA
Joe Barton, TX, Ranking Member
Edward J. Markey, MA
Ralph M. Hall, TX
Rick Boucher, VA
Fred Upton, MI
Edolphus Towns, NY
Cliff Stearns, FL
Frank Pallone, Jr., NJ
Nathan Deal, GA
Bart Gordon, TN
Ed Whitfield, KY
Bobby L. Rush, IL
Barbara Cubin, WY
Anna G. Eshoo, CA
John Shimkus, IL
Bart Stupak, MI
Heather Wilson, NM
Eliot L. Engel, NY
John Shadegg, AZ
Gene Green, TX
Charles W. "Chip" Pickering, MS
Diana DeGette, CO, Vice Chair
Vito Fossella, NY
Lois Capps, CA
Roy Blunt, MO***
Mike Doyle, PA
Steve Buyer, IN
Jane Harman, CA
George Radanovich, CA
Tom Allen, ME
Joseph R. Pitts, PA
Jan Schakowsky, IL
Mary Bono Mack, CA
Hilda L. Solis, CA
Greg Walden, OR
Charles A. Gonzalez, TX
Lee Terry, NE
Jay Inslee, WA
Mike Ferguson, NJ
Tammy Baldwin, WI
Mike Rogers, MI
Mike Ross, AR
Sue Wilkins Myrick, NC
Darlene Hooley, OR
John Sullivan, OK
Anthony D. Weiner, NY
Tim Murphy, PA
Jim Matheson, UT
Michael C. Burgess, TX
G. K. Butterfield, NC
Marsha Blackburn, TN*
Charlie Melancon, LA
John Barrow, GA
Baron P. Hill, IN
Doris O. Matsui

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Thanks for your help & support of truly all-natural beauty care!