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Looking for a new subject?

How about revisiting an ancient art?   Blending natural ingredients into products that enrich and beautify bodies and souls.

Is it controversial?

Sometimes... but we choose to focus on the wonderful 'all natural' products and services that are available, right now.


     If you are interested in writing an article about the "all natural beauty" website, we would love to help.  Our vision for this site is to help everyone see the light on the subject of using truly 'all' natural products.  All-natural products heal, whereas un-natural products have the potential to harm.  We care deeply about the earth and all of it's inhabitants.


Announcing the 'All Natural Wholesale' Website

SharAmbrosia Sets the New Standard Once Again as it Launches the First Completely Natural Product Website for Retailers and Spas

Finding wholesale organic beauty products just got a lot easier. The spa and natural health industry can now find 100% all-natural beauty products at the 'All Natural Wholesale' website. Consumers can rejoice.

Mohnton, PA, August 5, 2007 -- Today's consumers are becoming wiser when it comes to reading labels on their beauty products. They are no longer lulled into submissiveness by seeing natural botanicals in big bold print at the top of the label, while finding the barely legible, hard to pronounce words at the end. Sites like the 'all natural beauty' website have educated consumers about what to look for, and what to avoid when it comes to healthy daily grooming and beautifying. Now is the time for the spa industry and those in the natural health fields to step up to the plate and offer the 'real thing' when it comes to all-natural beauty care. The 'All Natural Wholesale' site is where these healthy products can be found. (www.allnaturalwholesale.com)

"We've designed a one-stop shopping experience for retailers and spas." says Sharon Houghton, founder and owner of SharAmbrosia, parent company of All Natural Wholesale. "We now have a high quality group of companies that specialize in completely natural products that have wholesale programs in place. The site provides a safe haven where retailers can learn about each company, what kinds of products they offer, as well as what types of wholesale opportunities they provide, such as affiliate, bulk, drop ship, professional, private label and wholesale. You'll even find reviews of many of the products offered. The retailer is able to send these wholesalers a request for more information right through the site. In the past, a retailer would have to search the entire web, seeking out these types of vendors, trudging through the hype and deceit. We've made it so simple, and have taken all of the necessary steps to evaluate each vendor before allowing them to join our distinguished list. Our goal is to bridge the gap between spas and retailers, and those that manufacture high quality, safe organic products."

SharAmbrosia has been a leader in the all-natural beauty revolution with its popular allnaturalbeauty.us, anbPortal.com and allnaturalhealth.us sites. These sites have been going strong with unique articles, all-natural beauty recipes, and the very active All Natural Beauty Forum since 2003. As the natural personal care industry has grown, so has the popularity of these sites. They have become the place to go to find authentic natural beauty care and solid information about this important topic. The new 'All Natural Wholesale' site will be one worth keeping an eye on, as more vendors are added to the list regularly. Next on the agenda will be the addition of fine all-natural health products. This is truly the place to go to find 'healthy' products for the spa and natural health industry.

If you're interested in learning more about Blending Essential Oils for Health & Beauty, SharAmbrosia is sponsoring a 3-day aromatherapy workshop with legendary herbalist/aromatherapist and author, Jeanne Rose on October 26-28 2007 in Mohnton, PA (just south of Reading).


Feel free to use this article on your web site or in your publication.  If you'd like to write your own article, we will be happy to help you in any way that we can.  We'd appreciate it if you would share your finished work with us.  Please contact us at: marketing@anbportal.com



Make sure to visit the anb Portal at http://www.anbPortal.com
Your portal to all of your 'all natural beauty' needs.


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