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We're so proud of our all-natural product manufacturers and service-providers that we want to show them off.

We've created our "Spotlights" for just this purpose.  These are their Spotlight articles as well as the wonderful products that we feel are the best of the best. Enjoy!

All-Natural Product Manufacturer Spotlights

See our November 2009 Spotlight Manufacturer: Donya Fahmy (Dropwise Essentials)

See our February 2009 Spotlight Manufacturer: Karen Seremak (Savannah Moon)

See our November 2008 Spotlight Manufacturer: Krissy Ferro (Ferro Cosmetics)

See our September 2008 Spotlight Manufacturer: Michael Russ (Oceana Naturals)

See our July 2008 Spotlight Manufacturer:Diane Dutton (CK Systemz)

See our March 2008 Spotlight Manufacturer:Sally Leachko (Meadowlake Farm Beehive Skin Therapies)

See our February 2008 Spotlight Manufacturer:Elizabeth O'Rourke (Rosa y Fruta)

See our December 2007 Spotlight Manufacturer:Pennie Mills (Ladie's Blend)

See our November 2007 Spotlight Manufacturer:Penny & George Frazier (Wild Crops)

See our December 2006 Spotlight Manufacturer:Ivana Knezevic (I2 by Ivana K)

See our July 2006 Spotlight Manufacturer:Cat Wellington (Adagio)

See our April 2006 Spotlight Manufacturer:Isabella Samovsky (Soley Wellness)

See our November 2005 Spotlight Manufacturer: Louise Gaudet (BC Kelp)

See our October 2005 Spotlight Manufacturer: Chandi Plank (Mineral Basics)

See our September 2005 Spotlight Manufacturer: Jaquelyn Ramsey (WoodSprite Organic Body)

See our April 2005 Spotlight Manufacturer: Brenda Brock (Farmaesthetics)

See our March 2005 Spotlight Manufacturer: Garima Fairfax (Wild Sage Botanicals)

See our November 2004 Spotlight Manufacturer: Alexandra Avery (Alexandra Avery Purely Natural)

See our September 2004 Spotlight Manufacturer: Evan Johnson (Evan's Garden)

See our July/August 2004 Spotlight Manufacturer: Yvonne DuFresne (Ennvoy Mineral Cosmetics)

See our June 2004 Spotlight Manufacturer: Sharon Houghton (SharAmbrosia)

See our May 2004 Spotlight Manufacturer: Betsy Hess (I & E Organics)

See our March 2004 Spotlight Manufacturer: Sanandra (Sea Chi Organics)

See our February 2004 Spotlight Manufacturer: Jenya Bushmich (Jenulence)

See our December 2003 Spotlight Manufacturer: Janet Edwards (Mountain Mama of Maine)

See our November 2003 Spotlight Manufacturer: Sharon Kinnier (Botanical Skin Works)

See our September 2003 Spotlight Manufacturer: Jeanne Rose (Jeanne Rose Herbal BodyWorks)

See our August 2003 Spotlight Manufacturer: Debbie Medina (Monave Mineral Cosmetics)

See our July 2003 Spotlight Manufacturer: Gail Faith Edwards (Blessed Maine Herbs)

See our June 2003 Spotlight Manufacturer: Marj Melchiors (All Natural Cosmetics/Earth's Beauty)


All- Natural Product Spotlights

See our November 2009 product: Grateful Body's Custom Blends

See products from the Holiday Preview Sampler (Nov '09): Jenulence's Lip Balm, Blush & Eye Shadow

MelanSol's Moisturizer for Face & Body

Dropwise Essentials' Aromatic Room/Body Spray, Lotion & Body Wash

Evan's Garden's Fragrances, Shampoo & Toothpaste

Savannah Moon's LavenMint Bath Fizzer

Earth's Beauty's Lipstick & Mascara

Alexandra Avery's Face & Body Sampler w/Complexion Care Cleanser

Grateful Body's Sea Cell Serum

See our August 2009 Product: Shear Miracles' Absolute Perfection Trio

See our July 2009 Product: Ladies Blend's Luxe Gift Set

See products from the Spring Fresh Sample Bag (June '09): Occomeia's Organic Facial Cleanser

Evan's Garden's Natural Toothpaste & Tooth Polish

Savannah Moon's LavenMint Lip Balm

Nature's Gift's Calendula Repair Cream

i2 by Ivana K's Vital Collagen Serum

Ferro's Crystal Mineral Veil

See our May 2009 Product: Sensatia's Soapless Facial Cleanser & Blossom Facial Dream Cream

See our April 2009 Product: VedaSun's Rosehip & Clendula Face Serum

See our March 2009 Product: Star Khechara's 'The Holistic Beauty Book'

See our February 2009 Product: Monave's Blush, Lip Glaze & Lipstick

See our November 2008 Product: Shear Miracles Hair Volumizing Trio

See our October 2008 Product: Rosa y Fruta's Bano de Angeles

See our September 2008 Product: Solay Wellness' Solay Body Scents

See our July 2008 product:Sea Chi's Sea Chi Creme

See our May 2008 product:Oceana Natural's Melansol Dark Tanning Lotion

See our March 2008 product:Grateful Body's 30Plus Eye Creme

See our February 2008 product:Rosa y Fruta's Ambrosia de Rosa

See our January 2008 product:Evan's Garden's Ma Jeunesse

See our December 2007 product:Rosa y Fruta's Bano de Lluvia & Cremosa

See our November 2007 product:I2K by Ivana's Anti Rides

See our September 2007 product:Grateful Body's 30Plus Enzyme Mask

See our July 2007 product:Jenulence's Mosquito Mist

See our June 2007 product:Rosa y Fruta's Fruta de Passion & Crema de Africa

See our May 2007 product:Farmaesthetic's Hand to Heel Softening Salve

See our April 2007 music CD:MG Music's 'Gentle Karma' by Simon Lovelock

See our March 2007 product:I2 by Ivana's Simplicity All Natural Cleanser

See our February 2007 product: Solay Wellness' Salt Therapy Pillows'

See our December 2006 book: Jeanne Rose's Herbs & Things

See our September 2006 product: Wild Crop's Wild Plum Flower Hydrosol

See our August 2006 product: Alexandra Avery's Hawaiian Aloe Sun Oil

See our April 2006 product: BC Kelp's Kelp Soap Bar

See our February 2006 book: Noreen Finneran's The Incredible Edible Spa Book

See our December 2005 product: WoodSprite's Olive Oil Soap

See our October 2005 product: Farmaesthetics' Nourishing Lavender Milk

See our September 2005 product: Evans's Garden's The Perfect Rose Serum

See our June 2005 product: SharAmbrosia's Essential Moods Personal Roll-Ons

See our May 2005 product: Farmaesthetics' Lip Softener

See our April 2005 product: BC Kelp's Seaweed Bath Pouch

See our March 2005 product: Alexandra Avery's Exfoliating Mask

See our January 2005 product: Jenulence's Anti-Wrinkle Shea Butter Eye Cream

See our December 2004 book: Alexandra Avery's Aromatherapy & You

See our September 2004 product: Jenulence's Yerba Mate Nourishing Cream

See our July/August 2004 product :Evan's Garden's Dental Hygeine Trio

See our June 2004 product :SharAmbrosia's HairAmbrosia

See our April 2004 product: True Aroma's Lavender & Citrus Deodorant

See our March 2004 product: Jenulence's Rosehip Kukui Body Cream

See our January 2004 product: Herbal BodyWorks's Essential Oil Travel Kits

See our September 2003 product: Earth's Beauty's Lip Glaze

See our August 2003 product: Vermont Soap's Aloe Castile Soap


All- Natural Service Spotlight

See our September 2008 Shear Miracles Organic Salon & Products

See our October 2005 Adagio Salon & Powder Room

See our September 2005 Elixir Spa & Manicure Bar

See our September 2003 OrganicBeauty

We would be so happy to promote more spas and salons that are truly all-natural.  Do you know one?  If so, please let us know about them.  Thank you.


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